Maheshwari saree

From the heart of India | Maheshwari Cotton

Mothers day had to be a blog post featuring something from my mother’s wardrobe. So from her 100s of sarees, I decided to pick up a 20-year-old bright pink Maheshwari cotton saree with zari or ‘Jory’ as my east Indian mother would call it. I assumed that she had not worn this saree for at least last 15 years since it was so nicely ironed and remained untouched in one corner.

Maheshwari saree

In case I haven’t told you, my mother has a collection of sarees to die for and holds immense pride that she has at least one saree from every state of India. My mother picked up this one from one from one of her visits to Bhopal, the capital city of  Madhya Pradesh. Maheshwari cotton or silk sarees are weaved especially in the town of Maheshwar.

Maheshwari saree

Mom also had a story to tell, apparently, legend has it that Her Highness Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar, specially commissioned a team of weavers from Surat and Malwa to weave beautiful nine-yard saree for the royal circle, which went on to be called as the Maheshwari sarees. I’m sure the royals loved the glossy finish, the beautiful borders, and the lightweight. Apart from the elegance of the saree the lightweight and its simplicity makes it a pick for any time of the year. I personally would prefer it over rather heavy ones.

Maheshwari saree


I was at loss of thought about what do I pair the saree with, I somehow did not want to kill the simplicity of the fabric and print. Hence I decided to go with a ‘Gehu Maal’, basically a two layers original silver ‘Dholaki’ (drum shapes) necklace. This is rather famously known as ‘Dolki Ganthan’ in Maharashtra. I picked this from a store in Pune, link at the bottom. To keep the look more traditional I wore some green contrasting bangles from my best friends wedding and a Nath.

Maheshwari saree


Saree: From my mother’s wardrobe

Necklace: Aadyaa Originals, 6,500INR

Nath(Nose pin): Aadyaa Originals, 600INR


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  1. Manas says:

    Hi Mihika,
    I am from the firm weber shandwick, i am trying to contact you on your email regarding an event in Pune by 100 Pipers. Could you please share your contact details.


  2. Dr kabita pratihary says:

    U r looking beautiful with the bright pink maheswri cotton saree from uor mothers wardrobe,but u have described it so nicely,really I appreciate uor passion n attitude for the hand woven product.oh,mu cute lady,truely u r a big surprise 2 me..continue dear…love u.waiting for another one…..

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