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Let us agree on one thing, this indeed is the thinnest cotton saree I have ever seen or worn, ever! But this is the most adored piece from my mother’s collection. I struggled to borrow this from her and it’s no wonder that she resisted giving it. The story behind this saree makes it too special to share this with anyone. My Maie(maternal aunt, my darling Kabi) had gifted this saree to my mother and it’s not just that but this piece was created by two artisans(who are very closely related to the family) from Shantiniketan. Therefore for my mother, this is more precious fashion than any designers special.

I am not sure if the photo gives justice to the color, just to be precise, the saree is a perfect match of baby and navy blue. I cannot fathom a better combination. The saree is extremely thin making a tissue look more opaque. But the appliqué work looks so elegant on the rather plain 9-yard baby blue cotton.


The Tagore’s town of Bholpur, where Shantiniketan stands today, is famous all over the world for its contribution to education, literature, and art. This saree is over 25years old. A vintage piece of art handcrafted by two very skilled artisans from Shantiniketan.

My mom pairs this saree with a small pearl neckpiece and single pearl ear studs to match up to the simplicity and elegance of the saree. I, however, thought would keep the pearls for another day and paired it with a huge silver Jhumkas that I got from Colaba Causeway and a huge rusty silver lotus ring.

I grew up on the south side of Bombay since my brother serves the Navy and my father worked southside all his life. And honestly, I loved the way Parsi’s drape the saree. I tried some different draping and loved the other way of styling as well.

I could go on appreciating this piece, but I guess I would keep the post rather simple and elegant just like this saree.

Outfit Details:-

Saree:- Handcrafted by artisans from Shantiniketan.

A toast to the artists:-

Applique work by Smt. Kanchanmala Pratihary

Design by Shree Banshidhar Pratihary

Earrings & Ring:- Colaba Causeway.

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  1. Anupam Pratihary says:

    Nice to see how wonderfully you have showcased my parents’ (Banshi
    Papa & Kanchan Maa) work. God bless you!

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