bandhej, bandhani, kutch,saree

Colorpop from the salt lands of KUTCH (Bandhani)

Dussera / Pooja Special

I am an East Indian, born and brought up in Mumbai. Durga Pooja has always been a big festival in the east and if you’re from Mumbai every street will have a pooja Mandal and music set for Dandiya and Garba for Dussera.  As much as I love the ‘Laal Paar’, I love the Bandhej too.

Bandhej or Bandhani is a unique technique of tie and die. As simple as the name suggests, it’s a simple technique where the fabric goes through a process of knotting. It is then soaked into to a vessel with a colorant. Originated and made in the salt lands of KUTCH in the state of Gujarat, this art is also practiced in Rajasthan. I picked up this saree from my sister’s wardrobe and my sister bought this from one of her visits to Kutch, Gujrat.

bandhani, bandhej saree

bandhani, bandhej, saree

This whole dyeing is accomplished by the method of tie-resist. Bandhani prints are usually found in Gharcholas, turbans, dupattas, and stoles. I have seen mostly bandhani print in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green colors.

The orange color pops up the whole festive look. I paired it with these huge Jhumkas from Myntra.



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